Bag Lady, oil on canvas panel, natural abstracts series February 2019



It’s official, Wood Storks will be ruling the roost again this year at Wak. This morning’s light was very lovely with orange sky and pinkish clouds.

digital-1611BACK IN THE FIELD:  After a years-long break from wildlife photography I grabbed my camera this morning and headed out to my favorite wetlands. Wakodahatchee was great this morning. The Snowy Egrets giving a full dipfeeding show in the first big pond.

Snowy Egrets, Tri-colored Herons and Great Egrets will fly low to the water, dragging their feet. This stirs up the tiny fish and they grab one on the wing. It’s a beautiful display and at wakodahatchee you can photograph them doing this in traditional front light or backlight (my favorite).

I’m very excited to get back out there. This image is from a few years ago. I don’t have the reach for flight shooting right now but will soon!

Gloria Hopkins, January 2019




Purple Gallinule, Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Delray Beach, Florida

I hope you have a great new year planned. I do! I’m researching a new camera system and have an interest in Pentax. Nikon was fun. Canon was razor sharp. Let’s see what Pentax can do, right? After a very long break I will be getting back into wildlife photography this summer.

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WAKODAHATCHEE — I’ve been there several times this winter. It’s nice to see the Wood Storks giving the egrets some room so far this season, but who knows for how long. Last year it looked like the storks had taken over. Booted almost every GBH nest out of the first big island on the south side of the walk. Cormorants are standing their ground on that island, which is great to see. No Least Bitterns yet this year. May is the month for them at WAK though.

SWAMP HENS have taken over, eating all the spikerush and now going after the fireflag. Those suckers tear the stalk out and eat the roots — plant destroyed. Fortunately these wetland plants grow faster than weeds. No harm to our local Purple Gallinules but the spikerush sure is taking a hit. And their numbers are expanding, rapidly.

BUSY BUSY BUSY — I’m marketing my books like crazy. I have six or seven painting projects going, and a couple of new articles to work on.  Google Analytics says my article “The Selfish Artist” has taken its place as my all time most popular article. Folks love that one. Appreciation to Dan Bayer for the most wonderful discussion on that topic.

Have a fantastic Spring y’all. I’ll be out there and seeing you!

Gloria Hopkins
January 2019


Merry Christmas / Share the Love, 5×7 oil on canvas

The elves have been hard at work and created a brand new shop for me just in time for Christmas! You can visit using the menu above. You can also access it via the image pages where paintings are for sale.

I’m very proud and happy to announce that I have finished my third book: PHOTO DESIGN: Image Design and Composition for Photographers. Check it out!  PHOTO DESIGN BOOK

Personally I’ve been doing a lot of rabbit rescue (hence the rabbit drawings). Who knew they were such intelligent things. They learn way faster than dogs, and they’re pretty sensitive too. But I think dogs have them in the sensitivity department. But they’re great little companions and please — no Easter bunnies!

Thanks for your interest, and have a fantastic holiday season!
Gloria Hopkins, December 2018

Boat-tailed Grackle, 16×20 oil on canvas panel

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Gloria Hopkins
November 2018