Bag Lady, Natural Abstracts Series, 6×18 oil on canvas panel

Thank you for visiting!

Thanks so much to Mike Sisk, my Internet hero, for hosting me, gratis, for more than a decade. I will be forever grateful for his selfless help and generosity.

I’ve moved my site to a beautiful WordPress hosted site. I’ve grown tired of re-learning Dreamweaver, and WordPress has gorgeous themes, and now I need a store. So, here I am!

I’m Gloria Hopkins and I’m an image maker and an author of books and articles on the topic of image design and composition for visual artists.

I’ve tried many mediums from painting to photography and graphic arts. I discovered that I had a lasting passion for oil painting. I have fallen in love with the alla prima style of painting. Composition is a strength and I am working on my third book on the subject. On my website you can see my articles and book pages.

I have picked up the brushes again and I still have a big passion for writing, and even though I have a zillion things to do, I’m working on some great new articles!  Thanks again for visiting, and welcome to GloriaHopkins.Art.

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