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Looking for Key Deer on Marathon Key, FL

I’m an image maker and I use some of the same tools and techniques as the old masters of oil painting, and I use state-of-the-art digital photographic equipment. And sometimes I literally draw with my fingers. If it involves making images, I’m all in. I love everything about it.

I paint, photograph, and write. Always about making images, art or educational articles. My work has hung in the Smithsonian. My photograph “Waimanu Falls” won an honorable mention in a Nature’s Best international photography contest. My book has been taught at an art college for years, and The University of Tennessee at Nashville used it in their class, and soon UCLA. I work nearly around the clock and have at least five big projects in the works. I’m busy! I have a parrot named Gus for 21 years.

My current specialty is oil paint and pastels. My most recent writing project is a book for composition and image design for general photographers. It’s called PHOTO DESIGN: Image Design for Photographers and it’s my first for general photographers. And I’m almost done!

I hope you enjoy my site, and thanks for visiting!

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