15 Composition Guidelines: popular and reliable design techniques

Creative Cropping: saves an image teetering on the edge of the round file

Breaking all the Rules! breaking the traditional rules of composition


Vision Bird: a photograph three years in the making – visualizing your photographs

Vision Bird: The One that Got Away

The Selfish Artist: the reasons an artist may be accused of being selfish at times

The Plover: one of my first articles about my first bird photography trip

The Confident Artist: the reasons an artist needs to have confidence

The Selfie: The digital conversion creates a new genre

The Artist and the Bluebird Day: the dreaded blank sky


The Photographic Journey: Evaluating Your Progress: it’s about the journey!


Demystifying Composition: the basics of composition — perfect for beginners!

Understanding Shapes and Forms: understanding shapes and forms

The Importance of Learning Composition: control the outcome of your photographs

The Visual Experience: the process of viewing and evaluating photographic art

Observation Skills: the importance of the development of observation skills artists

Developing a Personal Style: overview of the benefits of a personal style

Know it Intimately, Render it Uniquely: ways to make your work stand out

Reading Photographs: seeing and evaluating the composition attributes of a photograph

Perspective in Photography: the basics of perspective in photography

Is it Art? identifying art through emotions, evaluation and the visual experience

Using Lines in Nature Photography:  using the different lines found in nature.

Beauty in Art: a look at the word beauty as it applies to photography and the visual arts

Evaluating a Photograph: different ways to evaluate a photograph